# Improving the documentation

Handlebars is an open-source project. There is no "documentation department" that keeps the docs up-to-date. This documentation site requires your help to be a good and helpful site.

The following sections should help you help us improve the documentation.

# How do I submit contributions?

This site is hosted on Github and rendered with VuePress

  • Please create a pull requests for any change that you would like to see on the page.
  • If your change only affects the contents of a single page, you can simply click the link at the bottom of this page (see Editing files in another user's repository) for details.
  • For more complex changes (styling, multiple pages, new pages, fixing build problems), you should fork the repository and submit a pull request when you are done. The CONTRIBUTING.md page in the repo contains more information about. This approach allows you to use a dev-server and preview your changes befor submitting them.

# How do I write content?

The documentation is written in Markdown and rendered with VuePress. VuePress uses the markdown-it package to render markdown. markdown-it implements the CommonMark dialect.

This means that you can use syntax described in these sources:

In addition to all those extensions, this site adds some custom Vue-components that can be embedded in source files.

# How should I behave?


  • Respect intellectual property: Please only submit texts and other media if you have created it yourself or if you have copied it from handlebarsjs.com. There are many blog posts about Handlebars, but the text from these posts is intellectual property of their authors.

  • License: By submitting content, you agree that it is published on this site under the license of this site.

  • Code of conduct: Please be respectful to others and avoid sexualized or coarse language.

# What can I contribute?

  • Move content from http://handlebarsjs.com to the new site. Although there are many complaints about the old site, there is still a lot of content. @wycats has specifically asked to have a walkthrough guide on the new site as well. The main index page should have about the same contents as the main page on the old site.
  • Look for issues labeled as docs-needed in the handlebars.js-repository. Those are issues that describe something that should be documented.
  • Propose and submit new content. If you are unsure about your proposal, you can create an issue before submitting a pull-request. This might save you from wasting time.
  • Improve existing content. You can propose changes to the navigation, fix typos, improve language and correct wrong content.
  • Fix CSS-styling issues. The styling on this page is far from perfect. If you feel like improving it, please go ahead. For larger changes, please get in touch by opening an issue.
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