# Utility functions

# Helper utilities

These methods come handy when you implement custom helpers.

# Handlebars.SafeString(string)

Prevents string from being escaped when the template is rendered.

new Handlebars.SafeString("<div>HTML Content!</div>");

When constructing the string that will be marked as safe, any external content should be properly escaped using the Handlebars.escapeExpression method to avoid potential security concerns.

# Handlebars.escapeExpression(string)

HTML escapes the passed string, making it safe for rendering as text within HTML content.


Replaces &, <, >, ", ', `, = with the HTML entity equivalent value for string values. SafeString values are left untouched.

The output of all expressions except for triple-braced expressions are passed through this method. Helpers should also use this method when returning HTML content via a SafeString instance, to prevent possible code injection.

This method is aliased at Handlebars.Utils.escapeExpression.

# Handlebars.createFrame(data)

Used by block helpers to create child data objects.

if (options.data) {
  var data = Handlebars.createFrame(options.data);
  data.foo = "bar";
  options.data = data;

Helpers that modify the data state should create a new frame when doing so, to isolate themselves and avoid corrupting the state of any parents. Generally, only one frame needs to be created per helper execution. For example, the each iterator creates a single frame which is reused for all child execution.

# General Utilities

Handlebars offers a variety of utility methods that are exposed through the Handlebars.Utils object.

# Handlebars.Utils.isEmpty(value)

Determines if a given value is empty.


This is used by the built-in if and with helpers to control their execution flow. The Handlebars definition of empty is any of:

  • Array with length 0
  • falsy values other than 0

This is intended to match the Mustache behavior (opens new window).

# Handlebars.Utils.extend(obj, value)

Simple utility method to augment obj with all keys defined on value.

Handlebars.Utils.extend(foo, {bar: true})

Will set the key bar on object foo with the value true.

# Handlebars.Utils.toString(obj)

Generic toString method.

# Handlebars.Utils.isArray(obj)

Determines if an object is an array.

# Handlebars.Utils.isFunction(obj)

Determines if an object is a function.

# Handlebars.log(level, message)

Logger used by the log helper.

May be overridden if desired.

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